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SOLAS 1974 Chapter III Regulation 11.5, Chapter II-2 Regulation 13.1.3 and Regulation require all escape routes to be marked with photoluminescent signs or signs illuminated by emergency light or both. IMO publication IMO-981E indicates that exit signs should comprise of a 'running man' pictogram, an arrow and the word 'Exit'.

New Regulations for marine signage are currently being prepared by the ISO working group. Results from this group and subsequent ratification by IMO are not expected for some time. One point under discussion is the use of the word 'Exit' and its use in upper and lower case. As a consequence we offer 'Exit' signs in both formats.

Passengers and crew of any ship must be aware of the evacuation routes available to them from within the vessel. There are usually two types of evacuation routes namely primary and secondary.

Primary Evacuation Route is the quickest and easiest way to the assembly/muster station or survival craft.

Secondary Evacuation Route is a specially designated exit route for use when the Primary route is unusable.

Exit/run Left/arrow Up/left
Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Up
Exit Right-man Run Left-arrow Up/left
Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Up/right
Exit Right-man Run Left-arrow Left
Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Right
Exit Right-man Run Left-arrow Down/left
Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Down/right
Exit/run Left/arrow Left Down
Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Down
Exit/run Man Left
Exit Left-man Run Right
Emergency Exit/run Man Left
Exit Left-man Run Right-for Em. Use Only
Escape Route
Escape Hatch
Escape Door
Escape Window
Man Running Right Down
Man Running Left Up
Man Running Right Up
Man Running Left Down
Man Running Left
Man Running Down
Exit Left
Exit Right
Direction Arrow Down
Direction Arrow Up
Direction Arrow Left
Slide To Open
Exit - Right Arrow
Push To Open
Lifeboat Up Left
Lifeboat Up Right
Lifeboat Side Up Left
Lifeboat Side Up Right
Lifeboat Side Left
Lifeboat Side Right
Lifeboat Side Down Left
Lifeboat Side Down Right
Lifeboat Down Left
Lifeboat Down Right
Assembly Station Up Left
Assembly Station Up Right
Assembly Station Side Left Up
Assembly Station Side Right Up
Assembly Station Side Left
Assembly Station Side Right