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All the different areas of a ship have there own requirements for informing, directing or warning. Using our extensive experience gained over many years we have standard signs designed specifically for accommodation spaces, the engine room, on deck and in the galley.

Galley areas contain a wide range of risks and opportunities for human error. Food hygiene requires that food must be protected from the risk of contamination and the instruction in this range of signs reinforces these requirements.

Plastic Only
Food Waste Only
No Plastic Or Food Waste
Incineration Only
Comminution Only
Compaction Only
Hair Covering
Utensil Wash Only
Cover All Cuts
Spillages Must Be Cleaned Up
Wash Hands (10x30)
Food Production Area (10x30)
Do Not Store Raw & Cooked Meats Together (15x20)
Personal Hygiene Rules (15x20)
Close Door Quietly
Quiet People Sleeping
Very Hot Water (10x30)
Danger Hot Surface (10x30)
High Temperature (10x30)
Microwave Oven (10x30)
Do Not Leave Garbage Here (10x30)