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The selection of combination signage is designed to cover many of the other regulations and requirements of all types of signs. It is primarily focused on areas that involve a number of different regulations on one sign rather than having a number of different signs.

Many spaces have recognised hazards and these multi-purpose signs are designed to adequately inform without the need for multiple signs.

They convey a combination of more than one instruction i.e. a hazard and prohibition message or multiple messages requiring different symbols.

No Smoking & Naked Lights
Plastics Including Synthetic Ropes-fishing Nets And Plastic Garbage Bags
Warning Dangerous Cargo (100x60)
Danger Explosion Risk/remove Bottles
Danger Explosion Risk/important
Gas Under Pressure
Beware Vehicle Fumes
Danger Gas/no Fire
Petroleum Spirits Highly Flammable
Warning - Crude Oil Washing Lines
Danger Explosion Risk
Danger Non Ionizing Radiation
Danger - Confined Space
Danger Keep Out
Danger Asbestos
Danger Hazardous Area
Do Not Throw Garbage Overboard
Danger - Steep Laders
Security Notice
Security Notice
Caution Battery Compartment