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The use of the terms "Danger" "Warning" and "Caution" is determined by the seriousness of the hazard.

Danger - a possible fatality
Warning - a serious consequence
Caution - circumstances to be noted or avoided

Danger - Toxic
Danger - Chlorine
Danger - Harmful Vapours
Danger Harmful Chemicals (15x20)
Danger - High Voltage
Danger - Electric Hazard
Danger - Electric Shock Risk
Danger - 440 Volts
Danger - 380 Volts
Danger - 240 Volts
Danger - 220 Volts
Danger - 115 Volts
Danger - 110 Volts
Caution - Trip Hazard
Caution - Mind The Step
Caution - Steep Stairways
Danger - 3300 Volts
Danger - 6600 Volts
Danger - Live Terminal
Danger - Live Wires
Danger - Uneven Surface
Danger - Fire Risk
Flammable Liquid
Highly Flammable Gases
Danger - Flammable Atmosphere
Danger - L.p.g. Flammable
Highly Flammable Material
Danger - Low Flash Point
Caution - Noise
Caution - Radiation Risk
Danger Of Death
Ionizing Radiation
Non-ionizing Radiation
Biological Hazard
Danger Of Inflection
Flamable Material
Danger - Harmful Chemicals
Danger - Limited Overhead Height
Caution-strong Magnetic Field
Low Temperatures
Lazer Beam
Danger Beware Of Trucks
Danger Lift Well
Caution Wet Floor
Hydrocloric Acid
Nitric Acid
Radioactive Substances